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Our curated signature floral bottles are our most popular product. Versatile, reusable and uber chic! Single, double or triple glass vases, nestled in their quality wooden frame.

Perfect to house plant cuttings for propagation or for your weekly flower selection.

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Flowers Beachmere

Unique and Inspiring Flowers in Beachmere

If you are looking for unique flowers with inspiring designs for a loved one, you needn't look any further for your flowers in Beachmere Coastal Flowers’ signature floral bottles are versatile, chic, and reusable vases nestled in quality wooden frames. Our posies of fresh premium blooms are a modern take on the traditional bouquet. Coastal Flowers is the best florist Beachmere residents trust for a fantastic selection of posies and floral bottles. At our flower shop on the Beachmere you will find the most beautiful bright flower bouquet around.

Golden Coast Delights

At Coastal Flowers, we have a superb range of posies, floral bottles and flower cones that you can choose from for your loved ones. We also have a wonderful selection of candles and wine to make a marvellous gift with that posy. For that extra special green thumb, you can choose a fern or orchid from our plant collection.

  • Our Pastel Collection is lovingly created with the freshest, most beautiful pastel flowers in a posy, cone or floral bottle. We are also able to arrange them for you in a neat box.
  • We have a remarkable Neutral Collection with the most beautiful arrangements in neutral colours for those occasions where bright or even pastel colours are not suited. You might love the white orchid.
  • We have the most fun and exciting Bright Collection that's home to all the wonderfully bright and jazzy colours of Mother Nature’s bounty—arranged in a box, posy or bottle best suited to your need.

Flower Care Tips

Receiving the most beautiful flower arrangement as a gift and token of love and care, we surely want to try and have them last as long as possible. Here are a few tips that you can follow at home to help those blooms last longer.

  • When cleaning your vases, be sure to wash it out with water and bleach as it has the perfect pH for flowers. Dish liquid tends to linger, and your flowers probably won't thrive in a soapy container. Also, be sure to keep the water in your vase clean.
  • Whenever you cut your flower's stems, be sure to do it at an angle at about 2cm from the bottom. It will allow for air blockages in the stem to be cut off and for it to be ready to uptake water.
  • Always remove any foliage from the stem below the water level of the vase. The stems should be free of leaves in the water to avoid rotting.

Also, flowers don’t enjoy draughts from an open window, ceiling fan or even an air conditioner blowing directly onto them. It will cause dehydration, and your gorgeous flowers will wilt much sooner than you'd like.

Good Vibes, Daily!

Make your selection today for that unique “good vibe” delivery. Contact us and place your order now for fresh flowers and a candle to spark some happy! Same-day delivery for orders placed before noon.