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Flower Care Tips

You have received your flowers, now what?  How do you make them last as long as possible.  Read below for our best tips on how to get the most out of your beautiful blooms.


  • Flowers don't like draughts, from an open window, ceiling fan or air conditioner, blowing straight onto your flowers will cause dehydration and your flowers will become limp.  You are best to keep your blooms out of the way of any wind source.
  • Ripening fruit, cigarette smoke or air pollution from traffic emits ethylene, which flowers do not like!  Keep away from your fruit bowl or open windows to make the most of your flowers.
  • Keep the water nice and clean.  Always wash your vase out with a little bleach and water.  Do not use dish liquid as it is too alkaline for flowers and the residue is always left behind in the vase.  This will breed bacteria and cause your flowers to flag much quicker. Bleach is the perfect pH for flowers (believe it or not!) so this is all we should use to clean out our vases.  Wash out your vase with bleach and water about every 3 days or whenever the water looks cloudy.  The water should be nice and clear.  If you have been provided with flower food, pop this in the water also.
  • Always cut your flower stems on an angle and cut about 2 cm off the bottom.  This allows for any air blockages in the stem to be cut off and the stem will be ready for the uptake of water.  
  • Clean any foliage from stems that will sit below water level.  Stems should be free of leaves from the water level down.
  • Contrary to popular belief, sugar should not be used in flower water.  Sugar feeds bacteria in the water which will cause your flowers to die much quicker.  You should only put flower food into the water. If you don't have flower food, just change the water regularly.
  • Last, enjoy your flowers!  Mother Nature is amazing and we are so grateful for the beautiful blooms we are gifted with each day.