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At Coastal Flowers we are ALL about the good vibes! 

Someone asked me the other day, "why do you do what you do?"

Hmm...good question. The answer is simple. I do what I do to bring joy to people's lives, to let people know that without the rain there is no rainbow; to be the middle person between another being able to let a loved one know they're thinking of them, that they care, or to bring a cheeky smile to their face. Some people say "well flowers just die." My response to that is " Yes, but memories and feelings do not"

I live my life with Gratitude, and I love that I have created a platform for others to be able to do the same.

Life is short, spread the love, and let those special people know they are someone to you ♥♥♥ ~ Heidi

Florist Beachmere

Rich, Modern Colour Palettes Found at a Florist in the Moreton Bay region

Floral arrangements, much like fashion, hairstyles, and food, have trends. Current trends indicate soft, neutral palettes of earth tones and ‘functional flowers’, a term coined for plants and flowers with health benefits. Stemming from current news cycles, the aim of using these flowers is to look after the mental and physical well-being of individuals. Some plants may help purify the air, while others have been associated with a reduction in anxiety. We welcome this step of compassion and self-care to serve the community as a florist in Beachmere. We offer a daily delivery service every weekday of unique posy bags, floral cones, and floral bottles. The offering includes contactless delivery, flat fee delivery costs, and flowers for any occasion.

The Richness of Beachmere Florists

We are in the fortunate position of living amongst some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. Not only is Australia diverse in its fauna and flora, but it’s got little bits of magic wherever you look. As a Beachmere florist, near Bribie Island we share some of the loveliness we have:

  • Flowers indigenous to the Moreton Bay region include daisies, of which Australia has more than 1000 species. Boronias come in various pinks, and Kangaroo paws in green, yellow, and red, and both flowers add an element of drama to any floral arrangement. Leptospermum is a delicate flower that grows on long stalks, perfect for adding height to an arrangement, while Australian pea-flowers are a favourite for bridal bouquets and are found in an assortment of happy colours like yellow, purple, orange, and pink.
  • Westringia Zena is a small, hardy scrub with a little white flower. Limelight is a great gap filler and can be used in pots and bouquets. The Golden Penda is an evergreen tree native to the Queensland rainforest and has a bright, round, yellow flower in autumn and winter.
  • Last but not least, mangroves are significant to the environment. They are specially adapted to live in salty and oxygen-deficient soils and therefore have raised roots and spongy tissue to help them breathe. Mangroves host a micro-ecosystem by providing refuse and breeding habitat for plants, birds, fish, and mammals. They store carbon, and their roots bind soil to prevent erosion, which leads to long term landscape changes.

Looking After Your Flowers: a Guide From a Florists near Bribie Island

An arrangement or bouquet, whether received as a gift or gifted to yourself as self-care, makes the space bright, cheerful, and loved. We understand you’d like it to last forever, so to keep it longer, use these handy guidelines:

  • For arrangements in vases: top up with fresh water daily. Change the water and add flower food before it becomes murky, and keep the flowers away from direct sunlight, heat sources, or drafts will also help.
  • Cut flower stems 2cm off the ends at an angle to allow for water to be absorbed. This cut can be done at the coolest part of the day, and this step should be repeated every three days. Removing foliage from the lower part of the stem will help the water stay fresher for longer. Using hairspray on flowers will help keep the shape of the bouquet but will not keep the flowers fresh.
  • Water at room temperature is best. Keeping the temperature in its environment stable and placing it in the coolest room in the house can also help.

About Coastal Flowers

We are a lifelong florist with a career spanning over Tasmania, Melbourne, and Queensland. The development of Coastal Flowers came after taking a step back to realign and open a work-from-home business, currently based in Pacific Pines florist. We provide an extensive range of floral cones, floral bottles and posy bags styled to modern colour palettes. Additionally, we also offer chocolates, wine, and candles as extras. We are an online small business serving the communities as florists on the Gold Coast. Orders can be placed via the ‘contact us’ form and will deliver on weekdays if the order is placed before noon. Payment can be made through Afterpay, Visa, Mastercard, and PayPal. Contact us for flowers for any occasion!