About Us

  Apparently I have always wanted to be a florist.........  
Heidi Labram | Coastal Flowers          
My older sister told me, after I had already pursued my passion for floristry, that she remembers me making dried floral baskets as a 6 year old and stating
"I want to be a florist when I grow up"
Obviously, I do not remember saying this! But clearly the passion was always there. It is all I have ever wanted to do and I feel so incredibly lucky to be THAT person that lives their dream every day.
Owning a busy retail florist for 8 years with multiple staff to manage did not gel well with trying to raise a little family. Life was hectic and work became a chore. So I decided to sell that great little biz, and begin working from a studio, where lil' people can make cubby houses out of flower boxes and fill buckets of water for me, while I'm busy attending to my amazing customers orders. 
My aim is to provide floral gifts for everyone regardless of budget. I am aware that flowers are a "luxury" item but they also say SO much to someone who is having a bad day, needing to feel some love, or those " just because" moments.
We all deserve to feel special, so I am here to help you spread some love across the Gold Coast, when ever you need it!
~ Heidi