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A modern take on the traditional bouquet, our posies are displayed in Coastal Flowers signature bags. Featuring fresh, premium blooms, sourced daily.

All posies are delivered in water to ensure freshness and convenience

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Flower Bouquets

Flower Bouquets for Any Occasion

We make up unique flower bouquets using Australian grown flowers as much as possible. Packaging of our bouquets for delivery is available in our signature bags, flower cones, or floral glass bottles secured in a stylish wooden box. We can make up bouquets for all occasions and arrange delivery, including funeral and wedding flowers on the Gold Coast. Choose your bouquet from our pastel, neutral, and bright collections; we also offer a selection of small plants and propagation stations.

Tips for Looking After Native Posies

Our Native Posy bouquet consists of an assortment of the day’s selection of native flowers and foliages, our florist chooses only the best blooms for each bouquet. The bouquet size depends on the signature posy bag you select, you can choose between standard, medium, and large. Some of the native flowers available include Desert Flames, Grevillea, Kangaroo Paws, Canberra Bells, Pink Rock Lillies, Bottlebrushes, Australian Honeysuckles, Chorizemas, Waxflowers, Wattles, Waratahs, and Sturt’s Desert Pea. We have some tips you can follow to help your flowers last longer.

  • Place them away from any wind source to prevent them from dehydrating and going limp. Also keep them away from ripening fruit, cigarette smoke, and air pollution from traffic.
  • Keep the water fresh and clean. Before replacing the water, wash out the vase with water and bleach whenever the water becomes cloudy. Remove the leaves from the portion of the stems that will end up being submerged in the water. Cut about 2cm off the bottom of the stem, cut at an angle, this will allow the release of any air blockages so that water can be freely taken in and up the stem.
  • If you have flower food, add this to the water, do not add sugar as this feeds bacteria in the water that will make your flowers die quicker. If you don’t have flower food, rather change the water regularly.

Our Product Range

We make up flower bouquets from seasonal flowers, mainly Australian grown, and provide delivery throughout the Gold Coast. You can choose to have your bouquet presented in our signature bags, floral bottles, or flower cones. Our bouquet collections are available in pastel, neutral, or brightly coloured flowers, we have different sizes available in each range.

  • We also supply plants like orchids, mini ferns, and Devil’s Ivy plants.
  • We have items that you can add to your floral gift these include a selection of wines, candles, chocolate, and candle and reed diffuser sets.
  • In support of local suppliers, we supply Gold Coast-based chocolatier Belgian Delights’ range of gluten and alcohol-free chocolates.

What You Should Know About Our Wedding Flowers

If you have your wedding in the Gold Coast, we can make up wedding flowers for the bride, bridal party, ceremony, and reception. We do not provide flower packages for weddings so that you can have more options in the overall design and choice of flowers as possible. We create our wedding flower arrangements uniquely for each wedding so we can provide the best variety of seasonal flowers that will complement the aesthetic of your theme and venue.

Contact us to discuss your ideas for your wedding flowers.